You’re Just Insane if you Don’t…

Okay, call me biased, but as I’m reviewing the second Unit of the Interior Design MBA Program, the one about creating the right-sized firm, I realized how few designers know how to do the most critical calculations drawn from data on their P&L Statements.

This key data is NEVER shown to you by your CPA. In fact, the actual statement I use in Unit 2 omits the single most critical piece of data.

What’s there instead, are a bunch of completely useless line items that some accountant or bookkeeper spits out of QuickBooks or other similar program for one reason and one reason only: THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU NEED TO SEE!

So, you’d better learn, and here’s how:

  1. You are already enrolled in the IDMBA Program on a complimentary basis for the first three Units
  2. All three Units are of incredible value and you should take them all, but at least login and take Unit 2!

To find your personal dashboard, just go to and login using the email this blog post was sent to, and the password MYIDMBA. If you’ve previously enrolled in a course, just use the email and password you used then, and you’ll see that the IDMBA has been added to your Dashboard.

PLEASE…..!!!! If you get this wrong, you’ll be forever stuck in the “donut hole” ensuring that you have too much overhead when you DON’T need it, and too little when you DO!

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