Your Epiphany Bridge Story

I’ve read countless books on how to write this, that or the other thing.

From novels (I’ve written three) to nonfiction works (two) to business plans, special reports, and blogs…if there’s a how-to book, I’ve probably read it. After all, writing is hard work so why not just read about it which is so much more fun!

I’ve also read a lot about story telling. I’m sure you’ve heard that from me over the years whether it was through this blog or in a workshop, or through my recommending a book like Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. The results are self-evident—people (including customers) learn best through stories.

But this concept of an “epiphany bridge” has resonated with me since I read it in a book called “Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson. Russell is the founder of ClickFunnels, a sales funnel software platform. While testing his software, I learned that it was just okay (a bit too technical) but his mastery of selling skills was superb.

His “epiphany bridge” describes more than just the story; it describes the entire journey—your entire journey—from where you were to where you are because of some “Aha!” moment, or epiphany. This moment, of course, must relate to a client’s greatest dilemma. It’s almost as if you were once in their exact predicament, had this epiphany, and crossed this beautiful bridge to success and contentment.

The first such bridge you create may well be about your original path to becoming an interior designer.

  1. I remember sitting in a hotel in Vienna one day and thinking, this design is so elegant, so beautiful, and I knew I wanted to be able to share that with the others…
  2. So, (epiphany) I decided to become and interior designer and…
  3. Now, (other side of the bridge) I have a full-service interior design firm creating beauty for my clients.

And you can go further. Rather than deal with the scope of your entire business, how about an epiphany bridge for just a particular project? Maybe a client has a particularly thorny problem in trying to open up a den and kitchen area, or turn this room into that room. If you have ever solved a similar (or remotely similar!) problem for someone else, you are poised to say:

  1. I remember when….
  2. So, I decided to do this…
  3. And the result was fabulous

An epiphany bridge allows you to tell a story that is directly related to the client’s concerns and dreams, thus enabling them to have their own epiphany. In a very big and important way, a good epiphany bridge enables them to sell themselves on your solution, rather than vice versa.

Try it! You just might have a, uh, well…epiphany!

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