You MUST Do This Now!

As you probably know, I launched a survey two weeks ago to take the pulse of the interior design community on the early impact, and future predictions relating to Covid-19 and its impact on the economy.

In a good news / bad news sort of way, I have been overwhelmed with responses and since hundreds of answers are in the form of comments, it’s going to take me some time to organize, analyze, and feed back to you, In fact, I’ll do that for the first time on May 7 during the monthly live coaching call for members of The Edge. I’ll also start adding some blog posts for subscribers of this blog.

What I have learned is that 47% of designers know that they need to spend more time and attention on key influencers, and 68% plan to do more outreach to former clients. Both of those are great ideas and if you act quickly, you have an immediate chance to secure future business for yourself. Let me explain.

iI you act quickly, you have an immediate chance to secure future business for yourself.

For the past two months, I have been promoting my new six-week masterclass on “How to Catch a Whale” which walks designers through a powerful method to land high-value clients based on the referrals of key influencers like architects, builders, realtors and former clients.

(This quickly became my best-selling course of all time and if you haven’t enrolled, I encourage you to register for an information session today. You can do so by clicking HERE.)

If you haven’t taken the course, it centers on some crucial psychological principles related to a gifting strategy. Simply stated, when we give a gift to another person, even if unsolicited, they feel obligated to return the favor.

The course goes through all of that psychology and details types of gifts, budgets, database management, etc.

But what I could not have imagined when I created the course was that at least for now, those key influencers will be working from home!

What an incredible opportunity for you to reach out to them with some Godiva chocolates, bottles of wine or Omaha Steaks, Starbucks coffee beans or a simple gift package.

And, of course, a very personal note about how you enjoyed working with them in the past…or always enjoyed their work…and how we’re all in this together and “If they ever let us out, let’s have coffee!”

You can do this from a position of caring, not of opportunism. You can let go of it and never expect anything in return.

Make your list, check it twice, and put on your Santa Clause hat today! Your future will thank you for it.


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