What’s in a Name?

[From the Wall Street Journal with some comments. Click HERE for the entire article.]

Visitors turning into Beverly and David McNulty’s driveway in Allen, Texas, marvel at the massive home with a white picket fence.

That’s the neighbors’ house. Their modest ranch-style home is around the bend.
So after a 2018 renovation, the couple decided it was time to upgrade their home’s stature with a little humor. They commissioned a metal sign above their mantel to read: The Maids’ Quarters.

“It’s the perfect name for our little place,” says Mr. McNulty, a 67-year-old sales executive who spent months finding the right font, settling on one a signmaker custom made for them. “This is a cool secret hideaway back here.”

Inspired by HGTV décor shows, home-rental websites and with plenty of time at home to think about how to upgrade houses and rental properties, even owners without estates are discovering the joy of naming their abodes.

What I’m wondering is whether this concept could become a fun topic of conversation, or perhaps even a contest for you and your clients, past, present, and future. You’re probably familiar with designers who try to brand their work by leaving behind items like a little porcelain dog or a fabulous ficus tree. Why not a custom sign with the name of the house, a name that will only come to be after much soul-searching by the owners.

I don’t know…maybe it’s loony…but I’m always look for ANY excuse to start up a conversation, and ANY excuse to stand out from the pack!

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