Free Webinar for Interior Designers: With David P. Shepherd

"Landing high-value clients is the ONLY path to financial security for interior designers."

—David Shepherd, MBA
University Professor, Interior Design Consultant

How To Catch a Whale!

Learn why architects, buiders, realtors, and other influencers will deliver their best clients to you on a silver platter…without having to cold call, market online or sell!

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Your Featured Presenter — David P. Shepherd, M.B.A.

David Shepherd has served on the faculty of two of the nation’s top-ranked business schools, The University of Texas at Austin and TCU in Fort Worth. His classes focus on small business strategy, cash flow, and marketing and allow him to intensely analyze what works and what doesn’t work in the challenging world of entrepreneurship.

In 2002, David was introduced to the field of interior design. He often says that he was surprised by what he found—an incredibly complex business to run. He was also surprised by how little business education interior designers typically get.

Combining his academic background with his newfound love of the interior design business, David has now spent almost two decades working with hundreds of designers to identify and share “best practices,” thereby helping them to earn what they deserve!


What You Will Learn

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