The Ultimate Trojan Horse?

In my “How to Catch a Whale” course, I propose a powerful gifting strategy to capture the attention and allegiance of key influencers like architects, builders, realtors, and others.

A key point is that when you target relatively few prospects, your budget-per-prospect can go up. Way up!

For example, if you budget $5,000 for a marketing campaign, you could reach 5,000 random prospects by spending $1 each (think postcard) or reach ten highly-targeted prospects spending $500 each!

So, along comes a very interesting item at a very interesting price point that could be used in this manner…and in many others. It’s from Zoom, but in this case its not just the software-as-service provider of video conferencing, but rather a hardware device that Zoom has created in partnership with a company called DTEN ME.

The device consists of a standalone 27-inch screen, essentially a large tablet equipped with three wide-angle cameras designed for high-resolution video and 8 microphones. Zoom software is pre-loaded on the device and the interface is designed to provide easy access to popular Zoom features.

Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Rooms, says that the idea is to offer an appliance that you can pull out of the box and it’s ready to use with minimal fuss. “Zoom for Home is an initiative from Zoom that allows any Zoom user to deploy a personal collaboration device for their video meetings, phone calls, interactive whiteboard annotation — all the good stuff that you want to do on Zoom, you can do with a dedicated purpose-built device,” Smith told the online review site, TechCrunch.

He says the device is designed with simplicity in mind, so that you pull it out of the box and launch the interface by entering a pairing code on a website on your laptop or mobile phone. Once the interface appears, you simply touch the function you want, such as making a phone call or starting a meeting, and it connects automatically.

Once the interface appears, you simply touch the function you want, such as making a phone call or starting a meeting, and it connects automatically.

The DTEN appliance will cost $599 and works with an existing Zoom license. The company is taking pre-orders and the devices are expected to ship next month.

Now, just imagine a key influencer, partner, or even current client having this cool box show up on their doorstep, perhaps unexpectedly. This could be the ultimate Trojan horse and would say so much about you and how you do business, and of course would be tied into your new strategy of doing more work remotely.

And let’s face it, there is a generation of great interior design clients who might struggle with online conferencing, no matter how simple it has gotten, and who would love to sit down and simply push a button.—they’re called Baby Boomers! (I can say that because I’m one of them.)

I look forward to hearing from the first Edge member to purchase one of these and put it to work to separate themselves from the pack!

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