The Time to Double Down is Now!

How will your business be doing in August?

What I mean by that is August of 2021. That’s the time frame you should be thinking about right now. Changing your perspective changes a lot.

If you want to have your all-time record sales month in August of 2021, what should you be doing differently right now?

My advice is that you should be doubling down, mostly on marketing. I’m reminded of Warren Buffet’s maxim: “Get greedy when people are fearful, and fearful when people are greedy.”

A lot of people are feeling fearful, or at least pulling in their horns for a while. You know, waiting for “things” to get better.

My feeling is that now is the time for you to layer one marketing test on top of another and try, try and try again. It’s not expensive to run multiple tests. Try a gifting strategy. Try a small direct mail campaign. Run some Facebook or Instagram ad. Reach out via email. Conduct a survey or contest and on and on.

And when you get a nibble from one of those? Pour more resources into it.

If a one year horizon isn’t enough, try another one: Thirty years! Seriously, I’ve been working on my thirty-year business plan lately, and for a man who’s about to turn 67, I’m shocked at how my perspective changed. All of my personal biases and comfort factors disappeared in return for doing what’s truly best for the company.

Hey, until you can get back to Vegas and double down on the craps table, you might as well bet on yourself!

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