The Open House is Dead; Long Live the Open House!

You should study what realtors are doing. They’re industry is bigger and far more sophisticated in terms of associations, sales training, lead-generating, and other things you could learn from. That’s why I study it all the time…on your behalf!

After all, top realtors are targeting affluent home owners, trying to engage their senses and stoke their emotions with images and descriptions, and listing the many reasons that they are the one realtor of choice. Sound familiar?

Today, realtors are leading the way in online virtual tours. People are buying more houses than ever, never having stepped foot in them. But it’s brutally competitive. If one agent’s tour includes fabulous 3D walk-throughs, while another’s includes a cheap sketch in elevation, guess who’e going to win?

This doesn’t give the whole picture, of course. One New York real estate agent says that he has literally had clients just stand in an apartment for 25 minutes listening for unwanted noises. How do you do that virtually? Or perhaps more importantly, how easy would it be to hide?

I’m going to provide two links for those who would like to learn more about virtual software being used for tours and staging. I’m counting on you to ask the questions whether this growing visual emphasis will impact your business in the future.

My guess is, “Yes!”

NYT – The Open House is Dead; Long Live the Open House

3D Virtual Staging Software Review

There are important permanent trends emerging in the era of the pandemic. How they will turn out is anyone’s guess, but he or she who stays on top of the game will come away on top!

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