The Impact of Coronavirus on Design (Video)

On March 5, I delivered a 1-hour presentation on how the Coronavirus scare might impact your design practice. While this event was one of the regularly scheduled live coaching calls for members of The Edge, I invited nonmembers as well, and 100s registered.

However, as always many who registered were unable to attend, so I wanted to make sure that everyone (members and nonmembers) have a chance to watch this video. In it, I cover these potential disruptions in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Impact on supply chains and furniture/fabric imports
  • Impact on travel and events
  • Impact on employees and health
  • Impact on customer psychology (Due to economic uncertainty)
  • Impact on cash flow and profits

For the nonmembers, I promised to describe the benefits of membership in The Edge and offer them a two-month trial membership. However, a technical glitch got in the way. So, if you are a nonmember, please look for that offer at the end of the video. If you attended the live event, you can just scroll forward until reaching the membership information.

I’ll stay on top of the Coronavirus as best I can, but your comments on this and similar posts will be very, very helpful. For Edge members…this video will also be in your Archives.

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