That “Home Office” of Yours? It Needs an Upgrade

This is the title of a recent article in the New York Times that I suppose just states the obvious.

On a recent Edge coaching call, I mentioned that shared experiences are a great way, or even a great excuse to reach out and initiate conversations with people, including clients, architects, builders, and other influencers.

In the past, we had to look hard for shared experiences. Perhaps you went to the same college or your children attend the same private school.

But today, thanks to the pandemic, we all have exactly the same shared experiences and just about every interior design prospect you can imagine has been doing the same thing—working from home!

Which means they have no doubt discovered all of the inadequacies of their home office, perhaps including the need to share it with a spouse.

This trend is expected to be long term and the dining room table or spare bedroom is not going to cut it for that long.

One architect who specializes in small New York spaces brags that he has created beautiful workstation offices…inside of what used to be a closet.

And while some experts advise against bringing the office into the bedroom, well, all of those who have never checked email or read work-related information from a phone or laptop while in bed, raise your hands!

Just what I thought, so maybe it’s time to create a cool office nook in the largest bedroom that often has a lot of unused space. And, sure, you can find a way to easily close them off from view when the real bedtime arrives.

Folding desks, standing desks, built-in shelving and computer desks… Furniture alone can lead to design.

As I said on a recent coaching call, the ultimate goal of marketing is to “enter the conversation in their mind.” That means to hit a prospective client with a specific offer just at the moment they were thinking about that very thing.

That’s hard, which is why only about 1 out of 100 people who get a postcard will even read it. Even that can be high. But that’s because whatever the message was, they weren’t thinking about that right then.

Today, just about everyone is thinking about their home office. It could be a great conversation starter, great niche product, and potentially a great Trojan horse that could lead to more and more business down the road.

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