Shifting Conditions Present Challenges for Designers

This title is from the Blog of Michael J. Berens who has long written about the interior design industry. You may already know of him but for some reason, he’s just come onto my radar screen and I find the first few posts I’ve read very impressive.

The post I’m featuring below is one that does a really good job of pulling together some market data at a time when it seems so hard to get accurate information. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the data, but much of it comes from what designers themselves are experiencing. That’s hard to deny. Here are some of the things he addresses:

  • The whipsaw reaction of designers as we move through phases of feeling better about the pandemic, and then have those feelings dashed.
  • The peripheral issues of manufacturing, supply chain, and the shortage of skilled tradespeople.
  • Trends in ASIDs Billing Index, reflecting current levels of demand.
  • A survey of kitchen and bath designers as to current levels of demand
  • Results from the ASID COVID-19 “Pulse Survey” from just a few weeks ago
  • Pandemic-driven trends in home and commercial design
  • A prediction of the year ahead.

I think you’ll enjoy reading this post and you can read it by clicking below:

Michael J. Berens is a freelance researcher and writer with more than 30 years of experience in association communication and management.

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