Ready, Fire…Aim!

You’ve no doubt heard that expression, one that is often used to tell entrepreneurs that action is more important than preparation. (The aim part being preparation, the firing part being action.)

But there’s another series of actions that I’ve used in my own life, and which one member of The Edge has just implemented successfully. It’s this:

Set Goal, Attach Reward…Get Reward…Achieve Goal!

I think some people confuse being goal oriented with being reward oriented. I’ve often set goals, large and small, and then attached rewards to them, also large and small. This could be anything from a nice dinner out for completing my tax returns, to a fine automobile for hitting some benchmark sales number.

It can become confusing as to whether it is the goal, or the reward that is the real driver and thus the imperative for both.

Which means we should ask which is more powerful, the goal or the reward? And, acknowledging the curious workings of the human mind, it’s not that far of a leap to wonder: “What if we just go ahead and get the reward first?”

I mean, which is offering more incentive to me to achieve that sales goal—a picture of a fine automobile taped to my computer…or the actual automobile sitting in my garage…and the payment for same due every month?

Maybe it’s just a question of whether you are personally more motivated by the carrot or the stick, but that’s an important question for you to answer.

The Edge member I mentioned? They (husband and wife) have been building their company brick by brick for years, with steady progress toward their goal and associated rewards, the highest of which was a beautiful lake house. Looking at the spreadsheet projections, the sales goal that would reward them with lake house appeared to be about three years away.

But when the actual, perfect dream house came on the market..they looked at the numbers, consulted with financial advisors, and took the plunge! Now, whatever their ups and downs may be, they’ll at least be able to contemplate them while staring at a beautiful lake through plate glass, or while boating on the actual lake.

I for one believe they increased their chances of achieving their business goals by putting this enjoyable pressure on themselves.

And besides, you know what they say about tomorrow: Overrated!

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