One Day Closer…

I wonder if, like me, you’ve found yourself looking inward more and more as your quarantine experience continues.

I’ve always been an introvert and a journaler, but my self-awareness has been heightened. I find that after a few weeks, I have been forced to adhere to strict schedules and have found my self discipline (which is already high as it is with every entrepreneur) has increased.

I’m focused and productive and aware. I’m not sure what awareness or enlightenment looks like, but whatever it is I know that I’m one day closer.

That phrase, “one day closer” became my mantra around March 15, as soon as most states including my own (Texas) were starting to lock us in, or severely restrict our movements. At the time, I thought that “one day closer” meant one day closer to the coronavirus being behind us, and it does.

But the more often I wrote those words—one day closer—and the more I thought about them and the more I stared at them on the pages of my morning journal, the deeper their meaning became.

Since I had pigged out to new records when the quarantine began (thankfully not impacting Uber Eats or Doordash!) I decided to diet. The Atkins diet works for me so I started on that. I wasn’t happy about it, in fact it was sort of a self-punishing anger that got me over the hump. After losing just the first few pounds, I realized that I was “one day closer.”

Closer to what? To a goal weight? To feeling better about myself and my ability to take control of my life. (Yes, including being able to avoid that huge yellow bag of Lays Potato Chips!) To seeing myself as lean and fit this summer when I host my grand kids on Galveston Island?

I’m not sure, but I am sure that the absolute goal no longer matters to me. What matters to me is that I have a general direction that I have taken charge of…and each day I’m one day closer.

The words impacted my business as well. Each day as I work to build new courses to place online, I know that I am one day closer. To what? To having a certain number of courses? To earning a certain level of revenue?

Doesn’t matter. I have a direction, I’m focused, my head is down as I write and record each day…and I know that I’m one day closer.

Will the current economic shock impact designers in a way that impacts my ability to sell courses? Doesn’t matter. I’m one day closer to whatever is, and I’m one day closer to the circumstances a month from now just as much as I am to the circumstances a decade from now.

But wait! Doesn’t this mean that I’m also one day closer to aging? One day closer to infirmity? One day closer to death? One day closer to Life bringing to me that next unexpected and unwanted event?

Yes, I’m one day closer to that as well. And I say to the Universe, bring it on.

Get into your journal. Get into your meditation. Get into your long walks or time on the treadmill. The answers to everything you’re facing are within you. Set your direction, let bumps in the road be water off a duck’s back, and know that by focusing (calmly!) and carrying on…you, too, will be one day closer.

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