Next Stop: Nowhere!

 Do you sense that expectations are changing?

Or, perhaps its time horizons.

My wife and I were talking yesterday about our plans for Christmas. Christmas, 2021. That’s right, just skipped right over this year and it’s amazing how much pleasure we found in imaging ourselves in our favorite city, eating at our favorite restaurant, and honestly, not even thinking about the damn corona virus.

Maybe we’ll even be right. And maybe we won’t, but there’s no question people are starting to imagine a day of normalcy. There’s no doubt that people want to go back to routines including working in crowded buildings, eating at crowded restaurants and flying on crowded planes.

Proof of the latter fact is that Quantus just sold out a flight in record time. It’s a 7-hour flight to nowhere. It’s a big Boeing jet that just takes off, takes a scenic loop around Australia, flies low for entertainment, and returns home.

We’re talking about air travel that takes place purely for the purpose of the journey, not the destination. Proving how popular these now are, a sightseeing flight to nowhere offered by Qantas sold out within 10 minutes, according to the airline, with passengers eager to take to the skies at at time when Australia has grounded almost all international flights paying premium prices. “It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history,” the airline’s CEO, Alan Joyce, said in a statement.

Another important insight here is that pre-pandemic, many people saw flying as a necessary evil. But now that they miss it, they have begun to attach an element of romance to it. They want it back!

I wonder if romance will find it’s way into design. Perhaps even nostalgia. Family. Thanksgiving. The “good old days.”

Every good realtor knows to bake cookies before the open house begins. It’s all about emotions. How will you capitalize on the craving for normalcy, no matter how normal takes?

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