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When you enroll at any membership level, you will be invited to enroll in a very powerful e-mail course designed to increase the value of your practice by at least $100,000 in the first 100 days. If you don't agree, or are dissatisfied with your membership for any reason after 100 days, we will refund your total dues paid to that questions asked!

Designer Level ($59/mo)

The Designer Level offers just the right amount of information, and the right pace to keep you sharp and thinking about your future. You probably don't plan to attend IDEAS 2019 and don't feel like you want or need to master business skills in depth, but don't want to miss the obvious winning strategies.

Perhaps you're a sole practitioner just starting out...or just winding down...and don't care to take your business and management skills to the "next level." But you do want to make sure you're not making any obvious mistakes and are always interested in grabbing the "low-hanging fruit" of great ideas when you see them. You'll see plenty at our Designer Level Membership and can always upgrade later as you learn more about the other levels. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

  • As a Designer Level member of The Edge you wlll enjoy:
  • Weekly summary of "best practices," inside tips, and David's advice on increasing profitability
  • Monthly print newsletter for an in depth review of changing trends and successful strategies
  • Access to the 24-week online Interior Design "MBA" Program, available only to Edge members. (Additional charge applies)
  • A 20% discount on other vital online courses
  • An invitation to IDEAS 2019 and member dinner. (Additional charge applies.)
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time. No contracts.

Principal Level ($149/mo)

You understand the critical role that "lifetime learning" plays in running a very complex business. You know that the ability to simplify your processes will not only increase your bottom line, but will give you more time to design! You'll be amazed at how much you learn not just from membership, but from the members themselves, many of whom have formed lifetime friendships through our events.

Whether you're a sole practitioner or principal of a 30-person firm, the Principal Level is for you if you are responsible for truly "running a business" and all of its moving parts from accounting to technology to business development and beyond. The only interior designers who ever create wealth for themselves understand that business mastery is not an option and that learning is a lifetime commitment. You also think you'd like to get your Interior Design "MBA" and attend IDEAS 2019 to walk way with specific new strategies.

  • Everything at the Designer Level PLUS...
  • Monthly live online coaching call with David and other Edge Members to discover what's working today...and what's not.
  • The 24-week Interior Design "MBA" online course is included at no extra charge ($1,795 value.)
  • All other online courses FREE ($1,000s worth)
  • Email access to David Shepherd
  • Limited phone access to David Shepherd
  • Access to years worth of print and video archives
  • $700 off IDEAS 2019
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time. No contracts.

Already a Member?
If you were a member of The Edge at any time prior to July 1, 2019, and remain an active member, you are at the "Principal" level. Please go ahead and join again to switch to our new site. Your billing profile on the old site ( will be simultaneously cancelled.

Quantum Level ($349/mo)

You see yourself at least as much as an entrepreneur as a designer. You probably could have succeeded in countless other businesses because while you love design, you also love business! And you never give up hope that the next great technical shift, or radical marketing strategy, will provide the breakthrough that sets you apart. You aspire to be the leader in your field and also like the simplicity of Quantum membership where one monthly fee covers everything!

No matter the size of your practice nor the stage of your career, you know who you are if you must always be on the leading edge of technology. Whether you think virtual reality, 3-D printing, geo-sensing or other innovations will impact your business...or just love discovering them, the annul Quantum Innovation Breakfast will be your go-to event of the year.

  • Everything at the Principal Level PLUS...
  • Free IDEAS 2019 registration (Worth over $1,500. Must be active Quantum member prior to September 1, 2019 to receive free registration.)
  • Full 24-week online Interior Design MBA course fees included (Worth over $1,000)
  • Private monthly email newsletter of leading technologies and over-the-top, radical marketing strategies
  • Private "Quantum Innovation Breakfast," a half-day experiential event the day after IDEAS 2019 ends.
  • Unlimited access to David by email and phone with expanded call calendar
  • Downgrade or cancel at any time. No contracts.

"Membership has been the single greatest building block to my success as a designer, and as a businessman!"