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Influencer MasterMind Group

A small mastery group led by David Shepherd
"I learned how to add six figures to my income!"
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Let Others Find Whales For You...

During the course of the recent “Accelerator Mastery Group,” a funny thing happened—it turned into an amazingly powerful course on how to discover and appeal to your key influencers who have the power to deliver ideal customers right into your lap! So, I’ve changed the name and increased the focus to make sure that in 2020, you take full advantage of being “top of mind” on every key influencer in your market.

Highlights of this mastery group include:

  • Private forum just for Group members
  • Twice a month group video calls with agenda and assignments
  • Extensive sharing of “best practices” by group members
  • A”final exam” in which you will be able to present a clear and specific plan to dominate your upscale market, complete with budget you can live with.

So, if you’re ready to surround yourself with people who are ready to discuss, debate, and take action on the right concepts and hold yourself accountable for making the necessary changes, don’t miss out on this dynamic experience.

12- Weeks to Ensure an Incredible Year!

Accelerated growth for your business is possible, if you put yourself in the right environment with other dedicated designers and under the leadership of David Shepherd. Surround yourself with people who are ready to discuss, debate and take action on the right concepts. Learn from each other. Learn from experts. Hold yourself accountable to making the changes necessary and you’ll be amazed at the results.

All designed to result in a clear and compelling strategy for implementing David’s “1-Day Marketing Plan” and watch as information about the most amazing projects come your way early and often.

Prepare to Master These...

About David Shepherd

If you’re a member of The Edge, then you’re already familiar with my story and my background. But before you invest time and money in the Accelerator Mastery Group, it doesn’t hurt to do your own due diligence. Since 2004, I’ve:

  • Produced over forty unique events to teach business skills to thousands of interior designers;
  • Served on the faculty of two top business schools teaching finance, strategy and cash flow for entrepreneurs;
  • Established two coaching networks, first the BPN and now The Edge. The average tenure of membership is seven years!
  • Developed the Interior Design “MBA” Certification Program, now available free to Edge members at www.interiordesignmba.com.
  • Coached and consulted for dozens of designers with fees ranging up to $30,000.
  • …and today have no other jobs but to help you earn what you deserve!

Not a Member of The Edge?

The Accelerator Mastery Group is for members of The Edge only. (As are all of my coaching and consulting engagements.) If you’re not yet a member of The Edge, just click on the button below, sign up, and then return to this page to secure your place in the Mastery Group.

Your Investment

Over the course of the 12 week Mastery Group Program, you should be prepared to invest approximately two hours per week. This will include attending the scheduled group video calls and doing additional assignments, including reading two fairly short books. (Recordings will be available and everyone may miss a week or two, but with accountability to the group, you should make every effort to attend live. Sessions will be held every other week and will be 90-120 minutes long.) Members of the group may be called upon to present during the sessions.

The fee is only $1,195 per month, for three months. This is the least I have ever charged for coaching and while one could argue that a member of a group might receive less personal attention, the history of a well-run mastery groups is that members actually receive MORE!

Earn What You Deserve!

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