Mapping Your Future

I start every year the same way—updating my Photomap. (The one shown on this post is not mine, but that of an interior designer I have worked closely with for years.)

The Photomap is a tool I created for my original “8 Steps” book that enables one to see, or visualize, exactly where they want to be in their life at some arbitrary time frame and in eight key areas.

The ultimate objective is to learn to link the performance of your business to the attainment of your goals, which is why you should take the entire “8 Steps” course and if you’ve already taken it, review it annually.

(You can enroll for the entire “8 Steps” course by visiting Use the coupon code EDGEFREE to get the course for free as a member of The Edge.)

But even if you can’t find time for the entire course this month, I’d really like for you to find 29 minutes to create or update your photomap. That’s one of the introductory sections of the course, but for your convenience (and motivation!) I’m embedding it below.

Where do you want to be 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Nothing will help guarantee that outcome more than a strong, visual representation of that future reality.


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