Liking these Blog Posts? I’m Considering a Few Changes…

I enjoy writing blog posts and sending them out to members of The Edge and a few VIPs most Friday mornings.

The way I do that is to create the posts whenever I want to using a basic WordPress blog. Then, I set up an email list in Mailchimp, and set these defaults:

  • If there are at least three new posts
  • And it’s 9 a.m. on Friday morning
  • Send them out.

But sometimes I don’t want to wait until Friday.

And sometimes I might not have three ready to go which means according to these defaults, you get zero.

Or I have more than three…but you only get three and then get the remainder next week.

So…while I would love to see you comment on this post, I think I’m going to change the defaults to where blog posts go out to your email anytime there are at least three…but not limited to three.

That means you may get three on a Thursday. Or five on a Tuesday.

Or nothing for a week or two.

Again, please let me know if you have any issues with this, or any other comments about helping you to stay up to date, inspired, and earning what you deserve!

5 thoughts on “Liking these Blog Posts? I’m Considering a Few Changes…”

  1. Jeff Schulz

    Look forward to them whenever they come!
    Jeff Schulz

  2. Lori Steeves

    I have to admit that I like getting them of Fridays because that’s when I set time aside to work “on my business” and your email is always a great reminder. Could you not just send on Fridays, regardless of how many posts there are?

  3. David Shepherd

    I can keep the emails on Fridays, even if there are 1,2,3 or 50 posts! And based on some other feedback, I think I will do that for a while. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Cheryl Chenault

    I also enjoy the Friday rhythm because I’ve set that time aside to focus “on my business” as well. If they do come at a different time – I’d flag them for future, but that gets murky sometimes.

  5. shepherddp

    Great feedback Cheryl. Thanks. And, yes, I’m aiming for Fridays…and if I get too backed up, an occasional Saturday. Great that you’re planning ahead to work “on” your business! It makes all the difference.

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