Launch Something…Anything!

I’m on a tear reading books about big time startups.

And even though Designing Profits is not a startup, and would not qualify as “big time” by just about any measure, I’m finding the crazy-hard work these startups did in the months leading up to their launch very inspiring.

Which made me think of the very concept of a “launch!” Launches:

  • Have a deadline…there is a launch date and once announced to the press and public and investors, the pressure is enormous not to miss it;
  • Require massive and repetitive testing before going live;
  • Necessitate that something be somewhat new and preferably even revolutionary. (I’m reading about Netflix at the moment.)
  • Require that any team members involved meet regularly and agree on a specific set of goals, many of which are small daily activities that have to get done.

So, I decided to launch something…anything!

It so happens that the timing was perfect for me because I had already planned to launch a new online course in February, but I didn’t have a drop-dead date because, well, it doesn’t really matter if it’s February 3 or February 10.

Or does it? The power of putting the pressure on for a single date started to appeal to me. I was so inspired by the work the Netflix team of about twelve people did in the 90 days prior to their launch, that I asked myself this question:

“What could I commit to launching 90 days from now that is 10X larger than what I was planning to simply announce in February?”

And I found it! The combination of my downtime in Cancun last week, and reading inspirational startup books inspired this old dog to try some new tricks. I’ve also taken the heart of Russell Brunson to heart. He’s the founder of Clickfunnels, a software company that went from startup to 400 employees in about five years.

Russell says the question you must ask yourself is not “what?” but “who?”

Who else can do whatever it is I am getting ready to do. And darned if just one week in, I’ve discovered I’m a much better at delegating than I thought. I’ve now got an assistant based in London developing my Keynote slides, an email expert in the US taking over all my promotional emails, a Facebook guru preparing paid advertising, and people in several countries ready to edit video for new program…for my big launch!

I’ll tell you more about my big launch in the months ahead, but right now I’m more interested in yours?

What can you “launch” that is 10X your normal ambition level? Give yourself 3, 6, or even 12 months, but create an absolute drop-dead launch date. Then get to work and consider building your own virtual team.

Sound exciting? I think you’ll find that it is.


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  1. Jeff Schulz

    We are working on one too!!

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