Interior Design, Covid-19, and You

This was the title of the April 2, 2020 live Coaching Call for members of The Edge. In this presentation, David helps you confront reality by looking at the absurdity of many news headlines, and the truth behind the numbers. Further, he provides a very powerful business tool, called Expected Value Analysis, to determine exactly how much cash your firm will need…under any scenario…to come out stronger than ever and be ready for the thaw!

Given the importance of the subject, we’re making this video available not only to members of the Edge, but for a limited time, to non-members as well. (To start a trial membership for only $1, click HERE.)

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  1. Thank you, David for sending this to me. As I said in my e.mail to you I would like to chat live, if you have the time, next week. Thanks again.

    RoseAnn Humphrey

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