The annual IDEAS Conference is the single most important business event of the year for interior designers who want to earn what they deserve. In two knowledge-packed days, design industry expert David Shepherd and designers from coast to coast will come together to share what they have learned in 2020 and what they’re planning to do differently in the new, post-pandemic era of 2021.

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Some of This Year's Topics...

David Shepherd researches and writes about the business aspects of running an interior design firm based on his academic research, and interactions with hundreds of designers and consulting clients. In this annual event, he brings you the best practices he has discovered and invites select designers to deliver demonstrations and presentations of their own. There is simply no other event that can bring you totally up to speed on this chaotic 2020 in just two days!

Blue Ocean Strategies

The pandemic has created new strategies to make the competition irrelevant and get out of the bloody red oceans!


Some business owners feel guilty about how obsessed they are with their work. Here’s the case for why obsession is essential!

World Cass Presentations

Whether via video, in home (with mask?) or the old fashioned way, presenting yourself is growing ever more important.

The Luxury of Solitude

Of all the trends created by the pandemic, none will have more lasting impact than the flight to space and solitude.

Should you hire a rock star?

There is an argument that rather than seeking to pay as little as possible for talent, you should be paying top dollar!

Is Design's Future Virtual?

We’re not talking about online design like, say, Modsy, but rather about virtual tours, virtual staging, and remote design.

New Era Pricing Strategies

Most believe that spending on homes (and 2nd homes!) will explode due to the pandemic. How to benefit…

Time Management Tools

Sure, you think you’ve tried just about every trick in the book to get control of your time, but we’re going to teach the old dog some new tricks!

Q&A and Designer Panels

We’ll be bringing in highly successful designers to share their best practices with you and answer your questions!

Making Work Optional

From ideas on earning supplemental income to strategies for one day selling your firm, you’ll learn to think long-term.

New Era Pricing Strategies

Most believe that spending on homes (and 2nd homes!) will explode due to the pandemic. How to benefit…

Generating "Excess cash"

One more time, David Shepherd will explain his breakeven process to ensure you reach your highest financial goals.

And counting…as we constantly survey more than 20,000 interior designers nationwide right up to the last minute to find and deliver to you the absolute best opportunities in the market today.

Your Host, David Shepherd

With stints on the faculty at two of the nation’s top-ranked business schools, and fifteen years of working exclusively with interior designers, David Shepherd brings a depth and rigor to your business that you can count on. Having won awards for teaching, he also knows how to convey the most complex subjects in ways that are easy to understand and often even fun! Perhaps that’s why so many interior designers have attended 10, 15, and even 20 of the more than forty live events David has produced and delivered.

Who is This Event For?

It’s almost easier to say who IDEAS 2020 is NOT for. This is a business conference. If your goal is to watch a lot of pretty people show off a lot of pretty pictures…this event is NOT for you. If you own your own firm, whether sole practitioner or with 30 employees, this event IS for you. You’ll learn the absolute state-of-the-art in every critical area that are all intended to help you earn what you deserve…without the wait!

This Event is Based on These Principles!


No more putting your head in the sand and agonizing over “the numbers.” You’ll gain the confidence of competence by everything you learn at IDEAS 2020.


We’ll show you how to map out a plan for 2021, and even offer you the chance to join one of our “Accountability Groups” to keep you on track each and every month.

About YOU!

Want to hear people talk about themselves and show pretty pictures? Then this event is not for you…because we focus on YOU and helping you earn what you deserve.

Bottom Line

Every session and every word spoken at IDEAS 2020 is carefully planned to increase your earnings and net worth. You work to hard to just “get by.” You deserve more!

Must Read Books

Every year just a handful of books make David’s list that designers absolutely MUST read. There were some great ones in 2020 and David will review them and note their most critical lessons.


IDEAS 2019 would normally charge close to $3,000, but for 2020 it is being offered FREE to all members of The Edge. If you’re not a member, you may simply join and enjoy a year’s worth of additional benefits.


There’s nothing more convenient that taking two days off from work to sit down and learn how to earn what you deserve. We do recommend that you get OUT of the office and treat this event as if you had traveled 1,000s of miles.

Goal Setting

The largest and most successful companies set goals the same way you should…they dream big and work small. You’ll learn how to blend three of the most successful goal setting methods that will help you to achieve anything you desire..

And Dozens of Contributions from 
Designers Coast to Coast Still Coming In!

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
10 a.m. Central time to 4:00 p.m. Central time
(With a break for lunch and short breaks in between sessions)

Friday, November 20, 2020
10 a.m. Central time to 4:00 p.m. Central time
(With a break for lunch and short breaks in between sessions)

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