IDEAS 2019, Day 1 – Segment 5; Member Presentations on CRM and Organization Tips

Member Presentations!

Edge members from two different firms make presentations to the membership:

  • Natalie Lehman-Guerrero, puts her career as a designer and academic training in psychology to use in explaining how she has battled the clutter and absentmindedness that can result from a condition like ADHD, or simply from trying to manage the 100s of details interior designers must manage.
  • Scott and Carolyn Boldt of Crossfields Design give an in-depth demonstration of the CRM system, Infusionsoft. This is a truly heavyweight tool that may be too complex for many designers, but David elaborates on the importance of being able to manage prospects and customers through a “funnel,” and personally demonstrates OnePageCRM, a much simpler tool to use.

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