November 14-15, 2019
Interior Design Excellence
through Accelerated Strategies

Don't Be Left Behind!

As the owner of your own interior design practice, small or large, you know that the times are changing. But did you also know that the principles of how to earn what you deserve never change? They are as immutable as the laws of physics. Apply those principles to the newest innovations in your field and you simply cannot help but join the top 5% of earners in your field. IDEAS 2019 will be held online over the course of two days and include presentations by David Shepherd as well as select members of The Edge whose “best practices” have been singled out for excellence.

A Virtual Conference

Your Host, David Shepherd

With stints on the faculty at two of the nation’s top-ranked business schools, and fifteen years of working exclusively with interior designers, David Shepherd brings a depth and rigor to your business that you can count on. Yet having won awards for teaching, he also knows how to convey the most complex subjects in ways that are easy to understand and often even fun! Perhaps that’s why so many interior designers have attended 10, 15, and even 20 of the more than forty live events David has produced and delivered.

Who is This Event For?

It’s almost easier to say who IDEAS 2019 is NOT for. This is a business conference. If your goal is to watch a lot of pretty people show off a lot of pretty pictures…this event is NOT for you. If you own your own firm, whether sole practitioner or with 30 employees, this event IS for you. You’ll learn the absolute state-of-the-art in every critical area that are all intended to help you earn what you deserve…without the wait!

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When it comes to sales, are you a wolf...or a lamb?

There’s never been an online workshop like you’ll experience at IDEAS 2019 as we emphasize the critical (and underappreciated) art of selling! Selling is a skill that can send your earnings soaring…if you’ll just get over your squeamishness. (Admit it: you don’t even like the word “selling!”)

We may not turn you into a Jordon Belfort (played by Leonardo Dicaprio in the “Wolf of Wall Street”) but we’ll make sure you leave as less of a lamb and more of a design wolf!

Yes, this conference really can change your life...

“I consider one of David’s conferences I attended
as nothing less than Divine intervention!”

“David said one thing and I turned to my colleague and said, ‘Now that just paid for the cost of the entire conference.'”

You'll Learn Accelerated Strategies For...





Life Planning

Case Studies


No more putting your head in the sand and agonizing over “the numbers.” You’ll gain the confidence of competence by everything you learn at IDEAS 2019.


Complementing the conference experience with a year ’round membership in The Edge keeps you on track toward your highest goals and level of fulfillment.

About YOU!

Want to hear people talk about themselves and show pretty pictures? Then this event is not for you…because we focus on YOU and helping you earn what you deserve.

Bottom Line

Every session and every word spoken at IDEAS 2019 is carefully planned to increase your earnings and net worth. You work to hard to just “get by.” You deserve more!

Unique Network

You may disagree with other designers on the ideal shade of purple, but business principles don’t vary from firm to firm. You’ll be amazed at what Edge members are willing to share.


IDEAS 2019 would normally charge close to $2,000, but for 2019 it is being offered FREE to all members of The Edge. And, as a member, recordings of this event will be in your Archives for years to come.


There’s nothing more convenient that taking two days off from work to sit down and learn how to earn what you deserve. We do recommend that you get OUT of the office and treat this event as if you had traveled 1,000s of miles.


We do everything we can to pack our events with easy-to-use strategies, but we know from experience that some of the best ideas come from  dinners that we help attendees organize.

Save the dates of November 14-15, 2019. Every member of The Edge will be automatically registered at no charge and notified via email.