IDEAS 2019 Conference

Interior Design Excellence through Accelerated Strategies

You won’t want to miss the most extraordinary live event offered to interior designers since David Shepherd introduced the first Business of Design Conference in Las Vegas in 2004.

Master Your Future

Imagine being one of the few interior designers who is committed to mastering the business skills necessary to succeed in your complex industry. In two enlightening days (plus one elegant dinner!) you will learn insights and secrets to guide you to levels of success you never thought possible. The 2019 IDEAS conference will be held at the City Club Ballroom in downtown Fort Worth, TX. (A place more fun than you ever imagined!)

Excellence is Earning What You Deserve!

There are other conferences if you want to listen to a lot of pretty people showing lots of pretty pictures. But if you want to focus on yourself, and your financial future, there is only one event—David Shepherd’s IDEAS conference. The “E” in IDEAS stands for excellence and you’ll be spoon-fed by David with the absolute best tips, tactics and strategies that the hundreds of designers he has worked with use to earn extraordinary profits. After all, yours is among the most complex of all businesses to run, and whether you are a sole practitioner or principal of a large firm, you deserve more!

Accelerated is What You Want!

Week after week, working with some of the most extraordinary designers in the country, David Shepherd digs down into their best practices to discover how they are setting themselves apart from the pack. It’s almost never about talent, but rather about focusing on the few key success factors in areas like marketing, technology, pricing, and management that enable them to break through, into the top 5%. When you claim a seat at the IDEAS conference (and it will sell out!) you will be handed those strategies on a platter, ready to implement the day you return home! Now that’s fast!

Strategy is What You Need

The art of creating a winning strategy is by far the most important thing you will ever do as a designer, and as a business person. Yet curiously, many don’t even know what strategy is. They often confuse it with marketing, but it’s not. Strategy is defined as the choices you make about the complementary activities you will perform different from, or better than the rest. And…an acceptance of the trade offs. At the IDEAS conference you’ll make those decisions which will give you clarity of mind that you may never have experienced before.

At the Level You Require

If you’re tired of pabulum often spread in your industry and are ready for some university-level proof along with your action items, the IDEAS conference is the only one for you. David Shepherd has served on the faculty of two of the nation’s top-ranked business schools and makes sure that his events are on the level with an executive education seminar at Harvard or Yale. Having said that, his almost twenty years of working with designers has proven that he understands how to take complex subjects and explain them a way that is easy to understand, and exciting to grasp!

Learn More and Secure Your Place!

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