Hit Your Prospects with Shock & Awe!

Sometimes I hear of a service for interior designers that I think is the coolest thing since sliced bread. (An expression my dad frequently used!)

Then again, I sometimes wonder if it’s old news, if every interior designer knows about the “thing” and either uses it regularly or has found it not worth their time.

So, let me just get it out. The thing is Material Bank. (www.materialbank.com.)

As an interior designer, you can register with them and then shop their site for samples of fabrics, flooring, wall coverings, paint and more. But here’s the kicker—they’ll send those samples to you, or directly to your customer overnight in a beautifully packaged box.

Oh yes, and it’s free. In a very clever business model, the manufacturers pick up the bill.

They won’t carry every line you want, but if you can’t figure out a way to capture a client’s attention with express delivery of a beautiful box filled with cool samples, you may have had a marketing lobotomy some years ago.

My only question is whether they limit the number of boxes you could send. If not, in this era when I am advocating for risk-taking and aggressive growth, I’d be thinking of sending 1,000 to start!

And even if you decide not to use Material Bank, the concept of a package that just can’t be ignored, and that gets people to thinking about design, is something that should be in every marketing quiver!

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