Here’s How to Talk About the G*d D**n Coronavirus!

Did you know that expressing our feelings through conventional swear words can actually increase our tolerance to pain?

That’s what a study out of Keele University found, and it wasn’t close. There was a 33% increase in pain tolerance for those who cursed like sailors, versus those who tried to use more polite euphemisms.

The study, published in Frontiers of Psychology Magazine, involved 92 participants who volunteered to hold their hands in an ice bath until it really, really hurt!

Then, one group was allowed to just use their familiar litany of curse words. You know what they are!

The other group was forced to use faux curse words like “twizpipe” and “fouch.”

There was some laughter among that group, but no increase in their tolerance to pain. Apparently the real McCoys actually increased a stress-induced analgesia and increased pain tolerance by that 33%.

I have to say, that’s pretty g*d d**n good, so let ‘er rip!

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