For those wanting to accelerate success and achieve higher goals through sharing and accountability.

Some groups meet as often as weekly for fixed periods of time, while others meet monthly with no fixed end date. Find the group that’s right for you and join the Wait List for that group today!

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Mastery is a 12 week program that meets online via video conference every other week. Group members also participate in an online forum where they can share comments, advice and documents. The ultimate goal is a clear and compelling (and brief!) business plan for the next twelve months. (3 months at $1,195/mo.)


This elite group is for highly successful designers who are wondering what comes next. Generally 50+ years old, these entrepreneurs are done with building, and are looking to maintain their practices with less stress and work, or to scale back to have more time for travel and for themselves. ($750/mo ongoing…)

Sole Practitioner

Working solo can not only be fulfilling, but can also be among the most profitable models for interior designers to build. This Group meets monthly to discuss the unique challenges facing these individuals including office practices, outsourcing, software, tools, and the basic psychological challenges of working alone. ($295/mo ongoing…)

All groups include a shared online dashboard for group communications, tasks, and documents, as well as
supplemental articles and other resources provided by David Shepherd throughout the programs.

Tough Times

Many members of The Edge were also members of the Best Practices Network (BPN) back in the Great Recession of 2008, and they learned ways to continue to thrive even in tough times. If you’re concerned about the economy in your particular market, or nationally, this monthly group will be a source of inspiration and focused ideas to cope. ($295/mo ongoing…)


Virtually every member of The Edge should consider this group as one of the greatest challenges a Principal has is holding himself or herself accountable for their own commitments and goals. The first Accountability group will form after the IDEAS 2019 Conference and focus on implementing concepts presented during that conference. ($295/mo ongoing…)

Advanced Marketing

Members of this elite group will share every detail (including sources and costs) of their most effective marketing methods. These will be supplemented by ideas from outside the design industry that are proven to work and that  could lead  breakthrough ideas . Consider this an advanced “think tank” for those who are  ambitious at this phase of their career.($495/mo ongoing…)

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