Good, Bad, and Ugly Client Types

Oh dear. . . how many times have I heard designers complain about different clients. So, when I saw the following list in a recent article in Inc. Magazine, I could only imagine how much fun a discussion group would be. After all, nothing is more fun that taking just a few minutes out to rip clients, before coming to love them again.

There is a proposed solution, or “fix” for how to handle each type. You can read about that in this month’s Edge Member’s Newsletter that went in the mail to you on March 13, 2020.

The unrealistic client
“Hey, I want this to be big and revolutionary. This all has to be done by next month so we need to move quickly.” 

The “VIP” and its counterpart——”I have other options”
“I decided to hire you for this, but don’t let me down because I can take my business elsewhere. I will pay for everything once the work is done.” 

The micromanager
“Hey (just) checking in to make sure everything is going okay; I texted you last night and haven’t heard back.”

The urgent client
“Can we get this all done ASAP? It’s extremely important because I have family coming for the holidays and it’s critical everything be done by then.”

The “NYCMNYD” (Now you see me, now you don’t) client
“Hey, sorry, I haven’t been on my phone. Let’s jump on a call as soon as we can and I’ll take care of the invoice by today.” 

The “yes, no, maybe” client
“I think this is a good option, but I feel like it can be even better, but I am not sure how I feel. What are your thoughts?” 

The “behind the times” and the “viral sensation” clients
“We’ve done it this way for the last 20 years, can we keep it the same?” or “I have a bunch of ideas that could make this go viral!” 

The grasshopper
“That’s great but have you ever thought about doing this instead….” 

Remember, a detailed description of these client types, and ways to deal with them are laid out in the March, 2020 Edge Newsletter for members. Look for in your mailbox soon.

And leave your own client types in the comments…

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