First Class of Designers Earn Their “MBA” Certification!

June 21, 2019
Fort Worth, TX

For the first time ever, interior designers from across the country came together and spent an intensive three days completing David Shepherds’ new Interior Design MBA program.

Held at the City Club in downtown Fort Worth, attendees participated in three full days of classroom-style lectures and discussions, and of course spent the evenings holding “interest group” dinners with other attendees to squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of the event.

In the end, all fourteen designers successfully completed the program and will be receiving suitable-for-framing certificates and the right to display the seal and logotype for “Interior Design MBA” on their business cards, websites, and other marketing materials. The distinction will give their clients confidence that their complex projects will be completed on time and on budget due to the professionalism of the designer, a graduate of the IDMBA Program.

“After all these years, I had given up on ever really understanding how accounting works,” said graduate Jody Clarke from Dallas. “But for the first time…now I get it! And that feels so good.”

Of course accounting isn’t the only thing included in the comprehensive program. In fact, it is divided into 24 discrete units ranging from accounting to technology, marketing, presentation skills, and creating wealth as an interior design.

Coming Soon to All Edge Members!

With the first live course behind him, David is now turning his attention to producing the entire IDMBA Program as an online course available to all Edge members through this site. September 1, 2019. There will be a new menu tab, “MBA,” for you to click to learn more and enroll. The course, to be delivered over 24 weekly units, will be available at various prices depending on the Edge membership level.

“…all the knowledge that you need, and none of the ‘education’ that you don’t.”
*IDMBA students understand that the “MBA” certification they receive is not accredited by any agency, and they should not claim that they “…have an MBA.” Rather, they should consider it like any other high-level “certification program,” including many given by Ivy League and other top universities which frequently offer non-accredited programs.

NEW - IDMBA Program

Learn about the new Interior Design MBA - one academic program to deliver the complete business education interior designers need.