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  • I want to register for IDEAS 2019 but am not yet a member of The Edge [WATCH NOW]
  • I’m a member of The Edge and want to register for IDEAS 2019 but am not sure where to find my discount coupon, and what exactly to do with it. [WATCH NOW]
  • I joined The Edge before July 15, 2019. What “level” of member am I, and how do I move my membership over to the new site?
  • I want to upgrade my membership level before I register for IDEAS 2019 so that I can claim the discounted price. [WATCH NOW]
  • I want to enroll in a course on the Online School but am not sure how that works, including discounts [WATCH NOW]


Q: Do I have to be a member of The Edge to attend IDEAS 2019?

A: Yes, just like any association event, our annual IDEAS Conference is for Edge members only, and members at different levels pay different amounts to attend the event. If you are not currently a paying member of The Edge, simply choose your member level from this website, join, and then register for IDEAS 2019.

Q: You say there is a limit of 100 to the IDEAS 2019 Conference. What if it sells out before I can register?

A: Like all conferences, we have to book our space 9-12 months in advance and we can’t go over the constraints of that space. Of course we plan to have a seat for every Edge member who wishes to attend, and after more than forty live events in the past fifteen years, our estimating is highly accurate. Still, with a limit of 100 for this year’s IDEAS Conference, we do encourage you to register early!

Q: I joined The Edge as a member prior to July 1, 2019, using the website. What, if anything do I need to do?

A: You don’t need to do anything. You’re an active member in good standing at what is now known as our “Principal” level. You will continue to enjoy all benefits and can continue to access archives from the website. However…you will find the new site and membership a much more friendly and enjoyable experience, so we encourage you to change over at your earliest convenience. To do so, simply join from this site at your current “Principal” level, or perhaps consider our new higher Quantum level! You’ll need to enter your credit card again, but don’t worry, your current billing profile on our legacy system will be immediately cancelled.

Q: What is the 100-Day / $100,000 Challenge and who is entitled to it?

A: All new Edge members at all levels (including members from our legacy system who transfer over) are invited to enroll in the 100-Day / $100,000 Challenge. This an entire course of incredible value that is delivered via a series of emails over the first 100 days of your membership. (No, not an email every day!) Based on David Shepherd’s long track record of adding value to design practices, his promise is that if you’ll devote just a little time, he can help you add at least $100,000 of value to your firm during that first 100 days. And if you don’t agree, we will happily refund every penny of dues that you have paid during that time.

Q: How do discount coupons work, what are they for, and how do I find mine?

A: Discount coupons are an important part of Edge membership. They entitle members of various levels to obtain huge savings on various activities including the annual IDEAS Conference and our growing library of online courses. You’ll find any coupons that you are eligible for on your login page at Just click on the “Membership Level” menu tab and choose your level.

Q: You say I can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my Edge membership at any time. How?

A: When you log in via the “Account” tab, or simply access that tab when already logged in, you will be taken to your Profile page. Among the options you will see at the top is one labeled “Change.” Click on that and you will have the opportunity to change your Edge membership level (upgrade or downgrade), update your credit card on file, or cancel your membership. It’s that easy.

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