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The Edge now offers three levels of membership, one for every budget and level of ambition. If you’ve never experienced the power and accountability provided by a professional business network, you can expect to see your earnings enjoy an immediate pop.

And if you have been a long time member of one of David Shepherd’s networks (such as the “BPN”) you’ll immediately appreciate that The Edge has taken membership to an entirely new level.

The Edge is designed to bring you information at the pace and depth that you need…when you need it. From weekly tips, to the annual IDEAS conference (formerly known as the “Boot Camp”) you’ll gain the learning habit that is the key to earning what you deserve.

Just click on the menu tabs above to learn more about each level of membership, choose the one that works best for you…and get started today!

NEW - IDMBA Program

Learn about the new Interior Design MBA - one academic program to deliver the complete business education interior designers need.