Don’t Worry About Me!

I appreciate your patience next week as our offices will be closed as I host my annual strategic planning retreat in Cancun. (The picture on this post is me working hard at last year’s retreat.)

Oh, perhaps I should have added the word “solo.” My annual SOLO strategic planning retreat in Cancun.

Just me, myself, I and a backpack full of index cards, Post-it-Notes, masking tape and colored pens. And before I leave, the walls of my beachfront villa will be covered, but all of that clutter will have been placed into a task management system and ranked so that when I return, I will have:

  • Updated my ActionMap for Designing Profits, Inc. and be clear on my 5 “Critical Cores”
  • Have updated my Photomap from the “8 Steps” program. (As mentioned in the previous post.)
  • Have wrestled with the question from Gary Keller’s “One Thing” book: What is the one thing, such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?
  • Have the timetable and deadlines for all of the course development I am committed to doing this year.
  • Made a commitment about partners and outsourcing for 2020
  • Have a line item budget for 2020 including revenues and expenses
  • Have identified new ways to add value for members of The Edge
  • Have gotten a little sun
  • Have spent plenty of time in the ocean
  • Have had a margarita or two at sunset. (Though I actually prefer coffee at sunrise!)

I tell you this because I’d like to add one more thing to your New Year’s planning slate: Find a few days for yourself. It’s the only way to get perspective. Read. Meditate. Think… And above all, “simplify, simplify.”

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