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David P. Shepherd

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For over 20 years. David Shepherd has served on the faculty of two of the nation’s top-ranked business schools teaching strategy and finance to undergrads and MBA students. Once asked to speak to a group of interior designers, he learned what a complex business it is to run, and how little formal business education most designers get.
To help fill this gap, David founded Designing Profits, Inc. in 2004. It’s annual conference quickly became the largest of its kind, attracting thousands of designers, many of whom attended ten or more events. Simultaneously, David’s national coaching networks and helped designers to earn what they deserve, and David to collect the most powerful archives of “best practices” available in the industry.
Today, David spends all of his time analyzing the design industry and working with 100s of members of The Edge to help them achieve their goals.
David received his B.A. and M.B.A. degrees at the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Colleyville, Texas with Jennifer, Sawyer, and their chocolate Lab, Sammy. Sons Ash and Cameron are a lawyer and CPA, respectively, and the proud parents of David’s grandchildren, Cammy, William, James, and Cooper.

Coaching and Consulting

Much of David’s coaching is now being focused on Groups, rather than one-on-one. However, one-on-one opportunities are sometimes available in the following formats.

Day with David — Exactly what it sounds like. You fly to DFW the night before the scheduled date. On the scheduled morning, David will pick you up and take you to breakfast. Then, you will work together throughout the day to develop a series of your most vital action steps to achieve your goals. David will do some analysis prior to your visit, and provide you with a written summary of his findings after your day together. ($7,500 + expenses.)

Designing Your Future — This is David’s signature 90-day consulting process that has proved critical for so many firms. The price of this high-level consulting tends to make it affordable only for firms with average annual revenue of $1.5 million or more and four or more employees. This engagement is delivered in three phases (each approximately 30 days apart) which include written and video discussions. In Phase I, David interviews you and your key employees, and spends 1-2 days at your site. ($24,450 + expenses)

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