8 Steps to a More Profitable Design Practice

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No course has generated the millions in profits for interior designers that David Shepherd’s legendary 8 Steps Course. Now completely updated for today’s interior design market, these 10 video tutorials and day-by-day 76-page workbook will quickly and powerfully impact your bottom line.

In the 8 Steps, designers will learn how to:
* Prepare for and capitalize on the changes shaking the profession;
* Do less and make more, creating a simpler, less chaotic business;
* Identify Ideal Customers, those who want and will pay more for your unique offerings;
* Lock customers in so that they will give you repeat business and refer others
* Raise prices in creative, strategic ways and watch the increases hit the bottom line…instantly!
* Plan your business to do more than break even, but to generate the cash you need to make work optional
* Reduce what seem like overwhelming projects into small, easy-to-complete tasks;
* Capitalize on the most important word in business—Focus!

Over 3,000 interior designers have benefited from the 8 Steps in some form. Can you afford to wait?

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