Changing Member Level

You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Edge membership at any time. Charges are prorated so that you will be billed only for your new level starting on the date of the change.

To change your level, simply:
1) Click on “Account” at the top of this page. (You must be logged in.)
2) Click on “Subscriptions.”
3) Click on “Change Plan” and choose the level you want to move to from the drop down menu.
4) Complete the registration form. You’ll need to enter new credit card information because we don’t store your credit card information for security purposes.
5) Again, your payment will be prorated so your prior level will be cancelled immediately and you will not have overlapping dues.
6) You will land on the Welcome page for your new level and receive an email confirming the change.

If you have any questions or encounter any unexpected issues, please contact us at

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