Can a Puppy Help Land Your Next Whale?

I’ll be writing a lot over the next few months about the role that purpose can have in your business and your life.

The reality is that most people associate the word “purpose” with direct links to their profession, that is to say, the business side of things. Their purpose, for example, is to “bring dreams to life,” or to “make a house a home,” and so on. All of these have to do with their skills as an interior designer.

But what if they have a greater purpose? A purpose that extends beyond anything to do with “work?” What if they have a mission that is bigger than their craft, themselves…and even bigger than their clients?

For example, what if their purpose, their passion, is to help poor families in Africa to dig water wells? Or to create events for kids with special needs or diseases? Or, what if their purpose is to find homes for abandoned dogs?

That’s the case for Kelcey Otten, a real estate agent in New York who was fostering two abandoned dogs in her own apartment when it occurred to her: What if she could bring them with her as she took potential clients to see properties? And, of course, what if she at the same time could propose that they permanently adopt the dog. . . whether or not they bought the property?

It turns out that Kelcey is not alone. A growing number of real estate agents across the country are partnering with local animal shelters and, with the property owner’s permission) taking dogs with them as they host open houses.

In just three years she has placed fifteen dogs in permanent homes. Oh yes, her real estate practice has also grown by leaps and bounds.

Don’t Forget Event Marketing

There is also the opportunity to host an event, an adoption event in a neighborhood where your other Ideal Clients already live. This would be a great “excuse” to reach out to all of your influencers including past clients and encourage them to invite their friends.

In this case, even if the words “interior design” are never uttered, people would learn what sort of person you are, and that might very well be the deciding vote if and when they look to hire a designer. Of course dogs are just one of countless examples where this strategy could be employed both because it matters to you, and because it just might be good for business.

If you have had an experience with this, please do leave your comments below.

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    That’s an awesome video, Jeff! Congrats to you and your team for such a phenomenal effort and contribution. I want every Edge member to see that!

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