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Don’t Forget the Dog!

Now if you’re not a dog person, the rest of this post won’t make much sense to you. But if you are a dog person, you’ll know that there is no one you’d rather have with you in that solitude than that canine family member.

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How the Pandemic May Change Office Layouts Forever…

The modern corporate office is renowned for open, collaborative work spaces, in-house coffee bars and standing desks with room for two giant computer monitors. Soon, there may be a new must-have perk: the sneeze guard. This plexiglass barrier that can be mounted on a desk is one of many ideas being mulled by employers as they contemplate a return to the workplace after coronavirus lockdowns…

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Will The Quarantine Change Home Design Forever?

Not in recent memory have so many Americans carried out nearly every aspect of our lives—working, schooling, resting, playing, eating—at home. Spending so much time at home has meant we’ve had to rethink the way we use certain spaces, from setting up workspaces inside and out to popping up virtual happy hours from our living room sofas.

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A Little Genius from Kravet (That you can borrow!)

I went into the details of why “trust” and a reduced supply chain are going to be essential, post Covid-19, but I couldn’t top the absolute genius of Kravet.

Look at the brief, yet powerful language they have added to their Website…just for you, the interior designer.

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