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Thinking of Getting Out? Think Again…

However you exit, it will take years to plan it well. I used to give seminars all over the country teaching business owners how to value and sell their companies. One of the jokes I was trained by the company to use was to ask the business owners how they planned to leave their businesses, and then add: “Horizontally?”

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Time to Change Your Network?

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself every chance to come out on top. Things will change, and to tap into those changes you may need to begin getting market intelligence from sources you’ve never considered in the past.

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The Ultimate Trojan Horse?

Now, just imagine a key influencer, partner, or even current client having this cool box show up on their doorstep, perhaps unexpectedly. This could be the ultimate Trojan horse and would say so much about you and how you do business, and of course would be tied into your new strategy of doing more work remotely.

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Ready, Fire…Aim!

Which means we should ask which is more powerful, the goal or the reward? And, acknowledging the curious workings of the human mind, it’s not that far of a leap to wonder: “What if we just go ahead and get the reward first?”

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Don’t Forget the Dog!

Now if you’re not a dog person, the rest of this post won’t make much sense to you. But if you are a dog person, you’ll know that there is no one you’d rather have with you in that solitude than that canine family member.

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