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Is Virtual Staging the Way of The Future?

Even so, you are not immune from the trend toward “digital everything,” including the use of software tools that can help customers to visualize those solutions. This is true whether they are looking across a table at your iPad, or 3,000 miles away.

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Why, What, and Who? Which is Most Important?

I encourage you to do what I did about a year ago that has made the greatest change to my business that I can recall. I have a white board to the side of my desk, and one day I went to the board and in big blue letters, I wrote : W H O, followed by a question mark.

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The Tip of The Tip of The Iceberg

Why not consider your own apps and time management tools and ask yourself whether they are helping to eliminate inefficiencies in your business, or merely hiding them.

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Thinking of Getting Out? Think Again…

However you exit, it will take years to plan it well. I used to give seminars all over the country teaching business owners how to value and sell their companies. One of the jokes I was trained by the company to use was to ask the business owners how they planned to leave their businesses, and then add: “Horizontally?”

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The Time to Double Down is Now!

My advice is that you should be doubling down, mostly on marketing. I’m reminded of Warren Buffet’s maxim: “Get greedy when people are fearful, and fearful when people are greedy.”

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Take Your Clients to a Movie!

Have a yearning to see a great movie…in a movie theater? Why not invite someone to go with you. Are you scratching your head saying, “But David, the theaters are closed!”

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