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What’s in a Name?

don’t know…maybe it’s loony…but I’m always look for ANY excuse to start up a conversation, and ANY excuse to stand out from the pack!

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Next Stop: Nowhere!

Proof of the latter fact is that Quantus just sold out a flight in record time. It’s a 7-hour flight to nowhere. It’s a big Boeing jet that just takes off, takes a scenic loop around Australia, flies low for entertainment, and returns home.

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Hit Your Prospects with Shock & Awe!

They won’t carry every line you want, but if you can’t figure out a way to capture a client’s attention with express delivery of a beautiful box filled with cool samples, you may have had a marketing lobotomy some years ago.

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The Open House is Dead; Long Live the Open House!

You should study what realtors are doing. They’re industry is bigger and far more sophisticated in terms of associations, sales training, lead-generating, and other things you could learn from.

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Take Ownership of Your Future Self

“We tend to think that who we are right now is the ‘real and finished’ version of ourselves.” The reality is that you are constantly a work-in-progress, all the way to the end.

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Are You Forgetting the Most Important Aspect of Your Brand?

Luxury brands often forget over time that they are in the business of creating these strong emotions. If a brand doesn’t create an extreme emotional response for its customers, then the brand can’t create extreme value — and the luxury business is all about extreme value creation.

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When 2nd Homes Become Only Homes…

Sure, most designers don’t exactly relish travel right now, but with enhanced digital “tours” and video calls, you can complete a project now with far fewer site visits in the past. Just count on it–interior designers in the future will have a much higher level of remote clients than in the past.

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