Are You Forgetting the Most Important Aspect of Your Brand?

You’ve got a wonderful website and robust social media.

Your systems are efficient with procurement software, 3D drawings, Zoom calls and easy client communications.

You work only with trusted vendors and contractors so your promises to clients are always kept.

And your prices, while not cheap, seem fair compared to the excellence of your operations and the functionality of you designs.

But did you skip a step? Did you miss something? Perhaps the most important thing?

A recent article by luxury branding expert, Daniel Langer says this:

“Luxury brands often forget over time that they are in the business of creating these strong emotions. If a brand doesn’t create an extreme emotional response for its customers, then the brand can’t create extreme value — and the luxury business is all about extreme value creation. When we analyze unsuccessful luxury brands, a common aspect is a lack of emotion. Brands tend to rely too much on their history or product features and neglect the necessity of touching people’s hearts.

“Given the importance of emotion, a brand strategy needs to define exactly which specific emotion it should evoke. There must be zero uncertainty about how the brand inspires. In many brand audits, this is a major weak point we identify over and over. Most managers are able to place their brand into the correct category but can’t describe the precise emotional elements of their brand (hint: an answer like “we are selling a dream,” should worry you.) All luxury brands should “sell a dream.” That statement doesn’t differentiate or guide the consumer. Brands must be dramatically more precise.

So ask yourself: Is your brand evoking an emotional response? Is your brand strategy based on the psychology of luxury? If your answer isn’t clear, you need to act — and fast — because a brand is relevant or it isn’t. If a luxury brand doesn’t offer pure emotion, then it isn’t offering any value, and if there is no value, there won’t be sales. The time to wake up and act is now.”

This is a really hard exercise and will take some time, but I encourage you to make the effort. What ONE emotion do you most want to evoke when people visit your website, view your portfolio, or visit in person with you? Once answered, you should plow through every marketing communication you engage in and make sure that emotion is precisely the one you’re getting.

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