A Real Estate Agent Referral Strategy

Perhaps It’s As Simple as This

Edge Member Jennifer DesJardin created a detailed talk to give to real estate agents on the simple things their sellers could do to make their homes look much better. Keep in mind that real estate agents are typically getting 1.5% of the total sales price, so helping them to increase the price of the home is the same as putting money in their pockets.

To encourage home owners to make significant improvements before putting their homes on the market, Jennifer also created a room-by-room guide explaining how an investment in specific areas could lead to a positive ROI.

She said there were about 45 attendees at a realtor’s meeting and a whopping 35 gave Jennifer their cards in order to get an email or something with more info on the subject. I told her that was a huge success and she could now use that pitch to every brokerage firm in town. But in the future, she needs a stronger CTA for those who give her cards. I brainstormed a physical mail piece with a credit card-like gift certificate for design services with an emphasis on new home purchases.

Speaking opportunities can be a rich source of leads, referrals, and influencers. This same subject could be offered to civic groups, banks, wealth managers, stock brokers, wealth managers and anyone else with a high net worth customer base whom they, too, are trying to reach with valuable information.

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