A Quick Administrative Note…

Change in Terms and Conditions for The Edge

Like many small businesses, the terms and conditions in effect when members agree to join The Edge are modest and flexible. For example, when you joined you agreed to language something like:

1) The benefits of membership are those described online at the time you joined;
2) We may change those benefits at any time without notice.

Among the benefits of membership has been free access to all online courses hosted on our sister site, www.interiordesignmba.com. These courses include “The 8 Steps,” “Strategic Pricing,” “The 1-Day Marketing Plan” and others.

Anyone who is a member of The Edge as of 12/31/19 will ALWAYS have access to these courses in their current form without charge. The courses may remain at interiordesignmba.com, or may be moved into your Archives section at designingprofits.com.

However, as of January 1, 2020, we will begin introducing new and revamped courses created in a professional studio, with more supplemental materials, technical editing, improved promotional tools and even an affiliate program, all of which requires a significant investment on our part.

Accordingly, all courses newly created or heavily revised by Designing Profits, Inc., whether hosted on interiordesignmba.com or elsewhere that are offered for sale after 1/1/20, will not be included in Edge membership, but will be available for purchase by members and non-members alike. To the extent that there may be special pricing, discounts, or other preferred offers, Edge members will always see those first.

I’m very excited to bring you some great new courses in 2020 and I am confident that, in addition to membership in The Edge, you will find great value.

NEW - IDMBA Program

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