A Little Genius from Kravet (That you can borrow!)

I went into the details of why “trust” and a reduced supply chain are going to be essential, post Covid-19, but I couldn’t top the absolute genius of Kravet.

Look at the brief, yet powerful language they have added to their Website…just for you, the interior designer.

  • You can TRUST them
  • They’ll keep your orders and deposits secure
  • They’re open and operational
  • 90% of their product is in-stock and ready to ship
  • They are your “One Resource!”
  • And “Your “partner” in design
  • One Family, One Passion, One Resource.

True, I’m not a designer and don’t know how wide your sources need to be for fabric. But me? I’m going to buy everything I can from Kravet, and when I do that, I can put every word of their language on MY WEBSITE! Then, it’s telling my prospective clients:

  • You can trust ME!
  • I’ll keep your orders and deposits secure
  • I’m open and operational
  • 90% of MY products are in-stock and ready to ship
  • I’m YOUR partner in design
  • One Family. One Passion. ONE RESOURCE.

There, that just saved you four months and $30,000 in hiring a branding firm to help you through this crisis. Thanks, Kravet!

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