1 Down, 15 Weeks to Go

Beginning a week ago, on March 20, 2020) I started a 16-week countdown until I am at my customary beach house on Galveston Island, celebrating summer with my family.

That first post, only one week ago, came at a pretty low point in the Coronavirus crisis. Italy’s death rate was still increasing, Spain was catching up, and the governor of New York was assuring us that Armageddon was unavoidable for his city.

Days after that, more and more cities and states (including mine) mandated total shelter-in-place mandates. Small businesses closed by the hundreds, even as a few got creative with delivery and curbside pickup options.

In other words, bleak. So, as I suggested in that initial post (https://designingprofits.com/heres-where-ill-be-july-10-2020-and-you) I focused on July 10, 2020, and imagined seeing my grandkids play in the Gulf waters. It made me feel better. And now, just one week later, I am feeling even better still. The death rate in Italy did start to decline. Same in Washington State and the NY governor said there might be some hopeful signs after all.

One thing we know amid all the uncertainty, is that this virus really is going to go away. Maybe it will be eight weeks, which seems to be a long time. Or maybe even twelve weeks. But it will go away.

One thing we know amid all the uncertainty, is that this virus really is going to go away.

That is not to minimize the horrific damage it will leave behind, both in terms of human life and our national (and global) economy. It will take years to properly assess and recover from all of that. But we’ll be better prepared next season, with new drugs, new protocols, and in all likelihood, a new vaccine. Probably, five years from now, Coronavirus really will be thought of in terms of just another “seasonal flu.”

So, yeah… After just one week, I feel much, much better than I did only one week ago about where I’ll be on July 10! I believe my clients (YOU!) will be feeling good and enjoying their own summer retreats. The markets will be clawing their way back and we’ll be gearing up for one rip-roaring hellova fun election season!

2 thoughts on “1 Down, 15 Weeks to Go”

  1. Love your message about keeping in mind a long-term goal that you have in mind. Mine is to go grab a drink with my wife and business partner at this new restaurant in our Chicago suburb of La Grange that is currently building an amazing roof top patio. We are going to soak in the sun, feel the warm breeze, sip a cold drink and welcome sitting next to other people from our community.

    Never thought I would be excited about the idea of possibly having to wait for a table 😁

  2. shepherddp

    Exactly right, Bill. Everyday I daydream about taking a trip that I’ve made dozens of times and is pretty routine. It’s that routine, that normalcy that will signal to me that all is well. Send me a selfie from that rooftop, will you?

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