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Next Stop: Nowhere!

Proof of the latter fact is that Quantus just sold out a flight in record time. It’s a 7-hour flight to nowhere. It’s a big Boeing jet that just takes off, takes a scenic loop around Australia, flies low for entertainment, and returns home.

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Hit Your Prospects with Shock & Awe!

They won’t carry every line you want, but if you can’t figure out a way to capture a client’s attention with express delivery of a beautiful box filled with cool samples, you may have had a marketing lobotomy some years ago.

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When 2nd Homes Become Only Homes…

Sure, most designers don’t exactly relish travel right now, but with enhanced digital “tours” and video calls, you can complete a project now with far fewer site visits in the past. Just count on it–interior designers in the future will have a much higher level of remote clients than in the past.

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