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New Interior Design Magazine Announced

We’re so excited to announce the most important new print magazine for the interior designer who aspires to earn what he or she deserves. It’s simply called, Designing Profits Magazine and you’ll find it in your mailbox soon. (If you want to make sure that you are on the free subscriber list, you can add your name to our VIP list HERE.)

In each edition of the magazine, you’ll discover the top tips, strategies, and tools that are being used by the most successful (that is to say, profitable!) interior design firms in the country. From sole practitioners to principals of 30-person firms, you’ll look forward to receive this every quarter.

The magazine will be closely tied to this website where designers will have access to decades worth of critical data that they may access through the blog, various levels of membership in The Edge, online courses and the Edge Members “Boot Camp,” the single most important business event of the year that no interior designer should miss.

If you have some great business strategies, marketing tools, software tips, or even just great vendors that you work with, please consider sharing them through our comments or by contacting us directly. We have only one goal—to help every interior designer in America learn to earn what they deserve!


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