First “MBA” Certification Announced for Interior Designers!


For the first time ever, interior designers can now get all of the business skills they need to succeed in a powerful and compact 24-week course.

Designed by university professor and interior design business consultant, David Shepherd, the course is the result of almost two decades of study, analysis, and working directly with hundreds of the nation’s most successful interior designers.

The Interior Design MBA Certification program covers essential topics including accounting, strategy, marketing, cash flow, technology, management, growth, and more. Those who complete the course and pass required quizzes will earn their certification which will include an impressive, suitable-for-framing certificate.

Coming Soon

The course will be available online starting September 1, 2019. There will be a new menu tab, “MBA,” for you to click to learn more and enroll. And, the IDMBA course will be just one of many courses that will be available to members of The Edge.

“…all the knowledge that you need, and none of the ‘education’ that you don’t.”


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