November 13-15, 2019
David Shepherd's
Annual Boot Camp
Where interior designers learn to earn
what they deserve!

Master Your Future

Imagine being one of the few interior designers who is committed to mastering the business skills necessary to succeed in your complex industry. In two enlightening days (plus one elegant dinner!) you will learn insights and secrets to guide you to levels of success you never thought possible. The 2019 Boot Camp will be held at the City Club Ballroom in downtown Fort Worth, TX.

"David said one thing and I turned to my collegue and said, 'Now that just paid for the entire conference!'"

Prepare to Work!

And Have Fun

And Celebrate!

"The conference was like divine intervention for me."

Best of the Best

A core promise of the Boot Camp is to provide Edge members with a series of "Top 5" best practices in key areas, all ready to install when you return home. These critical strategies are the result of a year of surveys, interviews, and David Shepherd's personal coaching and consulting experiences.

Your Host, David Shepherd

With stints on the faculty at two of the nation's top business schools, and 15 years of working exclusively with interior designers, David Shepherd brings a depth and rigor to your business that you can count on. Yet having won awards for teaching, he also knows how to convey even the most complex subjects in ways that are easy to understand and often, even fun! Perhaps that's why so many designers have attended 10, 15, and even 20 of his conferences!
The Boot Camp is David's only live appearance in 2019.

Yes, It Can Change Your Life!

"David Shepherd's conference was like divine intervention."

"David said one thing and I realized that had just paid for the price of the entire conference."

"There are no cash flow worries in my business anymore"

"The economy went south and my business kept going north due to employing the most proven ideas."

You'll Learn the Best of The Best Of...

Strategic Pricing

No strategy will have a greater or faster impact on your bottom line!
You'll learn the latest methods of pricing for profit.

Advanced Marketing

Business development is an art and science. You'll learn the proven
winners from event marketing to influencer dominance

Simplified Technology

From accounting and procurement technology to the latest in CAD, project management
and presentation skills, the Boot Camp is your single source!

Bottom Line Case Studies

You'll open the hood and look inside the detailed financial statements of
top-earning firms, large and small, and discover how they do it!

Transition Life Planning

There's a time to go all in, a time to hold 'em, and a time to ride off into
the sunset. No matter where you are today, you must always plan your future.

Exactly What YOU Want to Know

That's not hyperbole, because each year we conduct a series of national surveys
to our vast list of designers. We ask them what they want to know...and share the
answers with you!

A Completed Strategy Map

Using David Shepherd's proprietary "ActionMap," you'll see what capabilities
and resources the top performing firms are using, and develop your own
path forward.

Networking Events and More!

Our event is different than others. At the Boot Camp, designers are encouraged
to share information with each other so that everyone leaves with great
new ideas on how to earn what they deserve!

Some of the Things You'll Take Away...

(All photos of actual interior designers at David Shepherd conferences.)

"This has been the most profound building block to my success imaginable because of the information, inspiration and associations with other designers. It has gone beyond my wildest expectations in adding value to my business and my life."
Corinne Brown, ASID CID

"Thank God we went to David’s seminar is all I can say. It has taken us to a whole new level. Prior to this event I was wondering if our business could even make it but now we are setting records. We could never have done it without David Shepherd."
Kristi Ziegler, Creative Impressions

“I have children and was exhausted. David’s principles were a revelation They completely changed my life. It’s unbelievable. Now I’m working on my health and have already lost 30 pounds!”
Sarah Eilers, ASID, NCIDQ, RID

This Event Will Sell Out!

Almost every year we have designers contact us at the last minute that we simply don't have space for. Save money and secure your set by registering today!


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Boot Camp Timeline:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - Edge Member Dinner
Thursday, November 14, 2019, Day 1 of the Boot Camp
Friday, November 15, 2019, Day 2 of the Boot Camp.

*Detailed agenda, recommended hotels, and other information will be sent to you upon registrations.